Construction Safety Management

Construction in general poses an element of risk but when dealing with combustible and flammable fuels that risk is amplified. We focus on safety first for both ourselves, our customers and the environment.

Even as a small business, Dark Horse Enterprises keeps a staff safety consultant employed at all times. We have a near perfect record of no safety violations on site and it is our goal to keep it that way.

It is our policy to strive for the highest standards, not just in the completion of our work, but also in the safety measures we take in performing our work. We know that good safety doesn't happen by accident.

We intentionally focus on the requirements of OSHA and the Army Corps of Engineers EM385-1-1 manual, but also go beyond that to cultivate an environment of a safety first mentality for employees at all levels. Each employee accepts their personal responsibility in keeping the work place free of hazards. Like our quality of work, we don't settle for substandard safety practices.

The owners and management team take the time to reinforce this safety program in a way that generates employee buy in and ownership of their own, and other's health and safety. The goal for us is to help our workers strive for safety on their own.

This includes conducting OSHA 30 training for every employee over 2 years with the company and providing specialized training for all of our involved tasks including: Confined Space Entry, Excavation and trenching, heavy equipment use, rigging, fall protection, respiratory protection, specialized hand tools, welding, hazardous materials handling and several other specialized focuses.

Part of our program is monitoring the general health and fatigue of our personnel to ensure their focus is 100% in the job they are tasked with each day. Construction and service involves long hours and personnel need to be alert at all times. We don't make compromises that put our people, our environment or our project at risk due to fatigue or inattentiveness.